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Scam message pretending to be from cPanel

Some of our clients have received messages similar to the sample message below. These message are all spam or more accurately scam messages.

Please do not click on any links in messages like the one below and delete the message immediatley.

You can recognise message as the one below as scam as follows:

  1. Message pretending to be from cPanel. cPanel as a company deal with web hosting companies, not with individual hosting account holders. cPanel would not be contacting you directly, in fact cPanel doesn't even have your contact details.
  2. The link contained in the message goes to a website other than cPanel even though the message makes it look like the link goes to a cPanel website.
  3. Any messages from Avanti Hosting include our logo as above and would mention Avanti Hosting in the message as well.

Again, please don't click on any links in messages similar to the one below and delete these type of messages imediatley.

If you are in doubt about he veracity of a message, please contact Avanti Hosting before clicking on any links in the message.


Sample of scam message

From: cPanel Inc [messagecenter@cpanel.net]

Subject: Your Messages


Cpanel Message Center

Dear Customer

Due to our security upgrade to avoid multiple logon and an unauthorized access to your online cpanel and FTP account we do require you to sign in your domain name and username and password for security check on your account and afterward we shall send a security code to your email as part of confirmation that your domain has now been properly verified and secured.

To process to confirm and verify your domain for this security check please click

Failure to confirm your domain within 2 business days may lead to suspension of your domain if we observe any unauthorized login and may lead to total removal of the domain name from our system.

Cpanel Management


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