Can I loging using telnet or SSH?

No, We don't allow any third parties to telnet nor SSH into our server.

Do you charge a set-up fee?

No. We no longer charge a set-up fee. Annual or monthly fees are the only fees applicable.

How can I create my website?

Creating your first website doesn't have to be hard. Avanti Hosting provides an online web site builder with all accounts that is easy and fast to use. Our website builder includes over 900 templates with more being added every month. Check ....

How do I upload my website files to the server? (FTP settings)

You can upload your site files to the server using the FTP protocol. You will need FTP software on your computer to manage this process. Some website management tools, like Adobe Dreamweaver, come with FTP tools built-in. During the ....

Introduction into Web Statistics

A short video explaining how to view statistics for your website and what information is available.

Is there a minimum contract period for hosting packages?

If you pay monthly then the 'contract period' would be that month.If you pay annually then the 'contract period' would be one year.If during this period you wish to leave Avanti Hosting and have your website with a different provider we will ....

Scam message pretending to be from cPanel

Some of our clients have received messages similar to the sample message below. These message are all spam or more accurately scam messages. Please do not click on any links in messages like the one below and delete the message immediatley. ....

Scripts available for easy installation

Avanti Hosting is offering Fantastico Deluxe with it's web hosting accounts. Fantastico Deluxe allows easy installation and set-up of a number of popular website scripts. Any necessary database will be automatically installed as well. Following ....

What is CloudFlare?

Avanti Hosting as a Certified CloudFlare Partner, is able to offer the CloudFlare solution to all of our customers. CloudFlare is a simple and free solution to help protect and accelerate your website. Once your website joins the CloudFlare ....

1-Click Script Installations!