How to set-up access to an Email Plus account in Outlook on Windows Print

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To set-up Outlook on windows to connect to your Email Plus account, perform the following steps:

  1. Ensure Microsoft Outlook is closed.
  2. Download the Zimbra Outlook connector from our downloads page at
  3. Once downloaded install the Outlook connector.
  4. During the install process accept all the default values.
  5. Now open Microsoft Outlook again and a second window titled "Email Plus Server Configuration Settings" will appear.
  6. On the "Server Configuration" tab in that window:
    1. Ensure that the field "Server Name" contains:
    2. Enter the login email address into the "Email Address" field. We would have sent you the email login address in an email.
    3. Enter the login password into the "Password" field. We would have sent you the password in the same email with the login email address.
  7. Once the above fields have the correct valies, click on "OK" and your done.
    Outlook will now start synchronising with the Email Plus server. This initial synchronisation can take a few minutes, please let it finish.

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