One click Back up Solution
Keep your digital life in tact
and never worry about a single file.

Back up Plus makes computer backup easy for you. We ensure that your data is stored in the most secure manner and stays well protected from malicious software and other risky elements. We manage your IT presence so that you enjoy safe, reliable, effective and customised hosting and backup solutions.

It’s as simple as two clicks

One-click backup, easy sync, online storage

Easy one touch control panel

Manage your back up settings with the touch of one button, and choose the settings that suit you.


24/7 Live Data Monitoring

Monitor your backed up data 24/7, track any changes made, view back up log, and save your custom settings.


Automatic backup schedules

Back up Plus automates the data backup schedules.
As a result, your data is regularly backed up and the latest edits are automatically incorporated.
Our reliable system leaves nothing to chance.

Quick to setup

We believe in quick work. So, when you work with us, we make the initial setup very quick and easy for you.
All you need to do is get in touch with us with your requirements. As soon as you do, the systematic machinery at
Avanti Hosting is set into motion and the setup is completed very soon.


Our objective is your satisfaction, which is the reason why we are flexible. If you want changes in the initial setup, or are
looking for a different package, we accommodate your requirements and make the required alterations.

For more info please visit the back up plus website

1-Click Script Installations!