VOIP for your business

VoIP and IP telephony are becoming increasingly popular with large corporations and consumers alike. For many people, Internet Protocol (IP) is more than just a way to transport data, it’s also a tool that simplifies and streamlines a wide range of business applications. Telephony is the most obvious example. VoIP or voice over IP is also the foundation for more advanced unified communication applications including Web and video conferencing that can transform the way you do business.

Hosted PABX Systems

Over the last 8 years, the growth of the Internet is resulting in a shift in the way businesses communicate.
Just as email and video streaming have become ubiquitous to everyday business, hosted solutions (also known as cloud computing)
are becoming more and more common, as they reduce costs whilst simultaneously
giving businesses increased capabilities and real flexibility.

How it works




Simultaneous Ring (Twinning)

When a client calls your main office number you can elect to have it ring not only the office handset but your mobile phone, your phone at home, your soft phone on your computer and several other phones you may wish it to call. Every phone elected will call at the same time, whichever answers first will take control of the call. We set it up for you, so don’t worry, all you have to do is answer whichever phone you want.


Auto Attendant

When a client calls the Auto Attendant will answer and say whatever you wish – “Hi and welcome to …..XYZ… To help direct your call please listen to the following menu….press 1 for sales 2 for support…..etc”. You will need to determine how many voice menus you need, departments, after-hours messages and promotions you wish to play. Messages can be set based on a business clock, handling lunch breaks and weekends differently to normal office hours. And again, we set it all up for you.


Voicemail / Voipmail

You can check your voicemail three ways: by phone, on your mobile, or by email. If you are prone to receiving several calls a day, and often in meetings, then this is ideal. You can sit at your computer and return each contacts call, whether they left a message or not, simply by clicking on the message it will auto dial the client if you wish. Messages can also be routed to an associated mobile phone number.


Conference Calling

Employee productivity and communication will keep your business thriving. Meetings are often counter productive from a time perspective and for companies with staff out on the road, it can take days to round them all up. Telegate allows you to book employees into a conference call. The system will phone all the ‘booked’ staff at a scheduled time. Simultaneous Ring will find them and bring them into the ‘virtual’ conference room – wherever they are – with only a fraction of the interruption compared to meetings in the office.



Just like your old analogue phone system when all phones worked off the same exchange so does a Voip phone system. Once your number is established we can add up to 4,999 extensions off the one phone number. This can happen across offices, suburbs, towns and states. This is a fully expandable system. Each office will require core infrastructure components for connection to the centrally managed/hosted PBX via the internet.


Ring Groups

Ensure important calls are answered by defining a group of extensions in one department to ring together. Define a set of extensions to ring simultaneously, going to voicemail after a set interval is reached without being answered.


Hunt Groups

Find an available staff member to take an inbound call. Define a list of extensions that are rung sequentially until one answers. After a set interval is reached without being answered, the call goes to voicemail.


Agent Groups

Agent groups allow you to place callers in a queue. Incoming calls are queued up and music is played along with recorded messages until an agent becomes available. Agents log in and log out of the agent group. If logged in and not on a call, they are free to have calls routed to their phone for pick-up. At any time, callers can leave their details and be dealt with by a call back when they get to the head of the queue.



Dial a single extension to page a group of employees or an extension which may be connected to an indoor or outdoor speaker system.


Call Reporting

Obtain daily or real time summaries of all calls or just those missed within certain extensions in order to measure staff activity and productivity. This is great for sales based organisations to understand where declines occur.

Additional features…

Customisable Ring Tones – Handling Anonymous Callers – Redirection, Setting Outbound Caller ID,
Hot Desking – Connecting Mobile Employees – Multiple Extensions per Handset – Standard Features

1-Click Script Installations!